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A physician referral is required for therapy at Pediatric Physical and Specialty Therapy.

Step 1

A physician referral for therapy can be faxed to 803-434-1411. Please provide your contact information, including a mobile phone number.

Step 2

Once the referral is received, a care guide will call within 48 hours to schedule your child for a one-hour evaluation with the therapist best suited for your child’s needs. They will schedule your child for their first appointment.

Your care guide will request your insurance details. This will allow us to contact your insurance company to request authorization for treatment visits and verify your insurance benefits and your financial responsibility. Your care guide will contact you to share these details with you before your first appointment.

Step 3

Please arrive 15 minutes before your child’s first appointment to complete final paperwork, including a medical history. Arriving early ensures that your child will start on time and receive the best possible treatment and attention from your therapist. If we can be of assistance during this process, please call your care guide at 803-434-1260.

Your first appointment

Your therapist will do a thorough evaluation of your child, which will include a conversation with you regarding your observations at home.

Your therapist will use the information you provide, along with the inoformation they gather from the evaluation and your referring physician, to determine the best treatment plan for your child. They will share the plan with you and your referring physician and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Follow-up appointments

Regular, on-time attendance of appointments ensures that your child will make the best possible progress toward their goals. Good communication with parents and instruction in a home exercise program helps kids reach their full potential.

Your care guide will schedule ongoing appointments as is recommended by your therapist. Parents are expected to be present in the clinic during treatment. To ensure the safety of each child, parents must be present in case any consent for emergency medical treatment is required.

Model of care

Nationwide, leading children’s hospitals follow a model of care that we refer to as an “Episodes of Care” model.

An episode of care consists of an evaluation followed by treatment for a period of three-six months. Each episode of care allows a child and therapist to work hard toward the goals they have set for this period. One of the important goals includes developing a home program. 

After an episode of care in therapy, a child will be discharged to continue their program at home for six months. The episode of rest (at home/school) allows for social interaction and development of the child outside of therapy, and an opportunity for natural physical development and growth to occur for six months while continuing with their home program.

Following the episode of rest, a follow-up with a physician will determine the need and benefit for a new episode of care with therapy.

We believe this model of Episodes of Care, followed by a scheduled episode of rest, at a minimum results in the following benefits:

  • Allows and encourages social development of a child outside of the therapy environment
  • Improves quality of care
  • Improves outcomes (results) for children and families
  • Reduces the strain on families’ time and resources

Your therapist will discuss details of the episode of care with you at your first appointment.

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